Alternative: Better than Bitmex Crypto Futures Trading Platform – BTCC

Bitmex and BTCC are both crypto exchanges. Bitmex has its headquarters in Seychelles, while those for BTCC are in London UK.

Bitmex offers perpetual contracts whose base asset is Bitcoin, while BTCC was the pioneer of introducing crypto-based futures into the market in 2019.

Over time, Bitmex has been facing massive criticism for data flaw incidences dating back to the last quarter of 2019. Many traders with crucial information regarding the exposure incidence take extra caution or slow down on trading altogether.

The best cause of action is to onboard on with other platforms. And, one of the Best Alternatives to Bitmex is BTCC.


Users across the entire industry of the crypto-sphere are susceptible to information flaws with platforms. The same applies to ordinary fiat-forex and stock scenes.

Investor related information triggers massive magnitudes of reactions across the entire of stakeholders with their arrays of interest.

Bitmex alternatives have been sought for highly, especially towards the last quarter of 2019 and onwards to date.

BTCC is confident in rating as an icon among the very first exchanges to join the crypto-space.


They have in place an infrastructure where digital assets storage is off the platform (cold storages), and their security features are up to task within the current market.

Advantages That BTCC has Over Bitmex.

BTCC allows users to work with several languages with global appeal. Among them and besides English are Korean and Chinese

Dashboards: BTCC has a cool one with an appeal for User Experience (UX).

Bitmex has a very complicated dashboard. I’d say it scores lower for User Experience (UX):

Base Digital-Assets

Bitmex contracts are both purchases and sell with Bitcoin. BTCC works with Tether (USDT) as the base digital -asset for their system.

On a historical basis, BTCC was founded in 2011 while Bitmex came in 2014. Although both have weathered the storm within the crypto-sphere past the ICO boom that took place in 2017, BTCC still scores better for the three year-difference.

Margin leverage levels: On this scale, BTCC with 150X out-leverages Bitmex with 100X. There is a clear 50X advantage with BTCC.

What does that mean in reality?

Assume we take winning trades with a commitment of $200 for the initial margin. When conditions give into our prospects, how much turnover worth of digital assets are we worth in returns?


Bitmex will allow you $200 X 100

BTCC will allow you $200 X 150

So, it’s the difference in leverage: X50 and an X margin commitment. In other words, under BTCC, you’ll earn prospectively 50 times $200, giving you a precise $10,000 worth at your stake.

If you are a smart trader/ speculator, you can sense the real deal worth of the simple terms in leverage offers and their differences.

BTCC has a global appeal attested to its initial round of funding in 2013, while Bitmex is silent about its rise. More to the downside also, Bitmex has a public record of being at fault with the United States – CFTC reported in the last half of 2019.

When it comes to trader- acquisition, both BTCC and Bitmex have in place referral programs.

When you rank both BTCC and Bitmex on a scale of significant security incidences, BTCC wins. Why?  BTCC has remained very tight with both user flaws and data privacy infringement. In October 2019, Bitmex systems had a significant incidence where there was a leakage of user credentials.  In a review posted in November 2019 via, Harsh Agrawal termed the occurrence as “an unfortunate event in the security-driven cryptocurrency world.”

Is BTCC Reliable and Secure?

BTCC is confident in rating as an icon among the very first exchanges to join the crypto-space.

BTCC has in place an infrastructure where digital assets storage feature cold wallets, and their security features are up to task within the current market.

The BTCC Crypto Futures Trading Platform

BTCC, just like Bitmex, presents services over several platforms. Ant those are:

The Web-Based Interface

BTCC is a fiat-crypto exchange with a browser-based platform. Users have to open accounts via the portal online


The original version on web interface presents the following features:

  • Interactive charts for user price actions. Users can make a preference for the type of graph they are most comfortable watching out the moves and making trades.
  • BTCC interface also composes the order book, and it also comprises the buttons for keying in trade variables. At the lower center is the order history, typically showing you the list of past transactions via your account.

Mobile Trading via BTCC

BTCC also covers users not on the web interfaces by way of apps for both iOS and Android. The installers are accessible from the app stores.

On both iOS and Android, the same user interfaces have present, albeit some minor modifications to ease things out for mobile traders.

Pro Tip: Use the quick response code to ensure you download authentic and updated copies of the installer packs.

BTCC Giveaway Royalties

Here’s a concrete reason to join with and work with BTCC as an alternative to Bitmex for Crypto Futures Trading.

PROMOTION: Trade with Up to 2000 USDT Deposit Bonus on BTCC

Pro Tip: Stay tuned to BTCC giveaways. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest news and notifications.

Other Platforms Similar to Bitmex

BTCC is among the list of exchanges you’ll find for Platforms Similar to Bitmex. According to a ranking by, BTCC performs well among the list of 19 others. Apart from Binance and Bitpay, whose ratings are 4.5 of 5, BTCC falls next with 4.3, outranking 17 others.


One of the accredited reviewers under, Crecia G, scores BTCC as above average on the tally regarding ease of use by the users. A score of 9.7 points against an average of 8.7 is quite impressive.

Ease of platform use is a concrete variable all across the crypto-industry. The algorithms behind the platform have the liberty to be complicated. Honestly, it’s only dev teams that can tell everything behind it,

But when it comes to an ordinary user, everything must be pretty straightforward. Platforms have no choice but to break down every bit to the lowest bits. Platform users already feel the complexity with the hard stuff – technical, sentimental, and fundamental analysis.

 Of course, more fatigue comes in with the strategies and experiences with placing and closing trades.

Failures of Data Protection and Privacy Policies

Fallacies happen,  and seemingly huge firms and corporations are not exempt. The pre-occurrence of a significant leak and privacy flaws are complicated instances that culminate into data-integrity dipping a foot into a pot of boiling stuff.

And sometimes, it’s never foreseen. Big firms are no exception; it’s been there with, Facebook, and Crypto Exchanges like Bitmex.

 Perhaps what matters most as a counter, yet mitigated move is the way firms handle the incidences. Of course, some decisions and their implications remain irreversible. Perhaps apologies, displayed by sincere management correspondence, maybe all that’s required for everything to come back to the norms.

In a nutshell, almost all the Platforms Similar to Bitmex may have the same features. However, there are distinct departures from each other. And they present in arrays of reasons where users can specifically highlight each, with relative and justifiable reasons.

Final Keynotes

BTCC has been around since 2011. 2020 is their ninth year in the business. All along, they’ve scored excellent at platform security, riding from the team experience with the founders.

Although there are several Bitmex alternatives, the privacy flaw in 2019 gives you a reason to work with proven actors for the best alternatives to Bitmex. Go for an account with BTCC.

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