The world longest-running cryptocurrency exchange since 2011. We served over 6 million users across the globe with high standard of professionalism and integrity.



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Top-end market liquidity | First deliverable perpetual contract | Up to 100x leverage

9 Years of Stable and Secure Operating History

As a world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange that never get hacked, we have a long-standing history of commitment to our customers. We leverage our accumulated expertise and experience to provide innovative product and trading platform to ensure users have the best possible trading experience and security.

Price Transparency and Top Liquidity

Our reputable BTCC index comprised of weighted quotation of the spot index price from multiple major cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as the price provided by BTCC’s liquidity providers. Our index avoid the market manipulation of one or two exchange and allow each order can be taken up to a value of 5000 BTC at the best transaction price.

Low Investment Threshold and 100x Leverage Trading

each transaction can be undertaken with as low as 0.5 USDT. We offer leveraging of up to 150x on USDT perpetual contracts which support 9 major cryptocurrencies. 14 trading pairs are available and trader can make profit by either holding long or short position.

User Experience is Our Top Priority

Backed by our own technical team, we ensure that our platform can still maintain a stable and smooth trading environment even at the time of extreme market condition. We also cover users’ negative balance due to rapid market fluctuation.

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关于 BTCC 品牌被冒用的严正声明

BTCC 集团收到用户反馈,近期有机构冒用 “BTCC”  品牌及冒用“BTCC 交易所”,进行代币发行、代币上架交易所等虚假宣传。请广大交易者提高警惕,切勿轻信此类虚假信息,以免造成经济损失。

BTCC 集团在此严正声明:

BTCC 集团持有“BTCC”相关知识产权,目前专注于流通量充足的主流币种的合约交易,目前不提供现货交易,亦未进行代币发行。

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